Emergencies Happen Without Notice

In the Northwest we may be subject to earthquakes, power outages and winter storms, events that can all lead to serious emergency situations that leave us stranded in our neighborhoods for days.

Surviving a disaster starts with you.

In the hours and days after a major disaster we will not be able to rely on services from the city, fire department or police to solve problems. Each household, block and neighborhood will need to be prepared to survive for at least three days without any help.

Are you prepared?

We are all responsible for preparing an emergency kit, having a household disaster plan and a family emergency communications plan. Explore this site using the tabs above to find out more about getting your home prepared. And once your family is ready, organize with your neighbors to prepare your block.

IMPORTANT!  The information on this website is intended to be supplemental to resources and information provided by the City of Seattle, King County, State and/or Federal sources. During an actual emergency, look for official communications from the Office of Emergency Management and local news stations.

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